Me, You and Us

We all have important documents. Birth certificates, passport, citizenship papers, maybe permanent resident visas. Some individual information, some shared like marriage certificates. Do you have an up to date record of your important personal data? Where is that stored?

We have assets or possessions of various types. Maybe a house that was bought together, bank accounts, superannuation and all the
documents that go with those. Proof of ownership, insurance policies.

And then there is our subscriptions, and our digital assets such as all our social media accounts. The list of personal life information is enormous once you start thinking about it. But where is it all stored? What if something happened to that one important document that you need? What if something happened to you?

Now you have other people to worry about, not forgetting that precious puppy, will your partner or family be able to easily locate and identify this information if they needed to?

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All your information, safe in one place

Keeping all your information and wishes in one location ensures that neither you nor your loved ones will have to worry in the future about looking for or losing essential documents or details.

Anticipate Life makes it easy to find this information quickly when needed by using our digital information locker. You can read our posts for more information on storing your life information safely.

You remain in control at all times. Your information and wishes are completely confidential and can only be accessed by those you nominate. And if your thoughts or circumstances change you can amend and update your information and wishes at any time free of charge.

Partners can share an account, with some features containing the same information and some features individualised.

store your key information
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A first step to sharing peace of mind

As part of our new journey together, we should all have a valid up to date Will. You can store a copy of your Will in your account for safe keeping.

A Will is important to set out our wishes for important assets such as a house or other property. And for other substantial items such as cash,
shares or specific valuables. Even how we would like the children to be cared for and supported. But more importantly it acknowledges our
partner’s place in our lives.

But a Will often doesn’t include our wishes for many other things that are important to us. You may like to read our article on some of the
things a Will usually won’t cover.

By storing key life information in your Anticipate Life account there will also be a record of any other special wishes and preferences you have.
Such as, your wishes for the future care of your pets and what you want done with your personal belongings. If there are any special items would
like to gift to loved ones and even how to deal with subscriptions you may have.

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