Storing your life information. Where will it be safe?

March 14, 2021
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Bernadette Fulton

Organising and storing your life information is important

Imagine just for a moment that you were unexpectedly incapacitated for some reason. What information or documents would a family member or someone close to you need to locate quickly? How are you currently storing your life information?

Would your loved ones be able to access it easily? Making clear arrangements to provide for this eventuality is a key part of our end of life planning.  

What do we mean by life information?

We accumulate a lot of personal information in the course of our lives.  Important information would include our assets, what we own. We may hold insurance policies.  Or be a member of a club or association. Important documents also include our Will which names an executor.  And we may have set out our funeral wishes in writing.

But just as significant are the circles of family and friends we have built. The people we care about. And our much loved pets.

So are you storing all your life information in different places?  Maybe legal documents in a special box or safe location.  And other files and other records somewhere else? The names and contact details of family and friends used to be kept in a hard copy address book. Today we are more likely to store them on our phone or tablet.

So how should you be storing your life information?

Is there a simple way of storing our most important information? And how do you ensure your loved ones will be able to have access to it when needed?

Anticipate Life recognised this difficulty. So we developed a single secure online facility for storing your important life information. Our easy to use online application keeps your personal information in order and up to date. And it also allows this information to be shared, when needed, to guide those left behind.

So if you think the Anticipate Life application would benefit your loved ones, the first step is to discuss it with them.

Do they have an up-to-date Will? Who is the executor to contact when needed? Have they thought about their funeral wishes?

Conversations like this, about end of life matters are difficult for everyone. Anticipate Life provides some guidance on how to start this conversation. We have created informative emails and important checklists to assist you. Once you start this conversation, your loved ones will soon see the advantage and benefits of storing their key personal life information in Anticipate Life.

After all, it is better to anticipate life than to just let it happen.