Making a Will is only a start to your end of life planning

April 14, 2021
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Bernadette Fulton

Make sure you have an up-to-date Will

So you have made a Will and appointed an Executor. Then you have already made a great start with your end of life planning.  But does your Will include all important details?

Not leaving a Will can cause unnecessary headaches and legal problems for those you leave behind. It results in delays caused by the more complex legal procedures which have to be followed for intestate estates. And if loved ones are left uncertain of your wishes it can cause friction and more stress at an already difficult time.

Making a Will is good common sense but as a legal document with a fairly narrow scope it does not cover all aspects of your end of life planning. There are many important details which you cannot leave to a lawyer to organise for you.

What other planning might I need to think about?

Anticipate Life provides the tools to take you through the key sections of your personal life. This ensures you capture all your important information, requests and wishes.

For example, you can use the Anticipate Life application to record your funeral wishes. By making  these important details clear now you will remove uncertainly for your loved ones. And you can use the web-based app to record your instructions and provide information on other matters which are of special significance to you.

Let’s look at some examples of other important details that might need attention when you leave this life. But which won’t be covered by your Will.

Do you have keepsakes or personal items of sentimental value that you want passed to someone? Have you thought about things you would like donated- wardrobe contents, household items?

Are you a keen collector, maybe of books, CD’s, stamps, pottery?  What would you like done with your collection? If you own pets, is there someone who will know their needs and habits?  And details of your vet? Will anyone remember to water your plants?

These are the sorts of matters and important details you can leave instructions about now. Because some of them can become a problem if those left behind are unsure of your wishes.

Why use the Anticipate Life app?

Anticipate Life recognises the benefit of documenting and recording our end of life wishes and allows you to store all these important details in a single secure online facility. Using Anticipate Life will ensure that the decisions you have made will be respected.

You will have peace of mind, knowing you have given your loved ones the guidance they will need, when the time comes.