About Anticipate Life and how it can help

October 20, 2020
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Paul Kamarudin

Anticipate Life is about helping you.

One of the hardest conversations a person can have is the end of life talk with their loved ones. After all, no one likes to think, let alone talk, about this difficult subject. And that is exactly why so many people avoid it. However, having this conversation can make a real tangible difference to those left behind. It can take away any doubt, any guesswork, any possible conflicts. It can lessen the burden of guilt or regret.

Knowing everything from the location of a loved one’s Will to the name of the assigned Executor, right down to what poem they would like read at their funeral, and who they’d like invited (does someone even know how to contact them?). Having this kind of personal information before it’s too late makes a stressful time just a little bit easier.  

Helping you take care of what matters most.

Anticipate Life’s web-based application provides strategies and techniques to help and encourage people to have that all-important end of life conversation. Their information and wishes can be securely encrypted and stored in the Cloud. Our simple, elegant application is easy to use and navigate when the information is required.

Anticipate Life was created as we recognised a need amongst our own family and friends.  Our aim is to help reduce stress so that others don't have to experience what we did. The result is an application that we will continue to innovate and develop as we find new ways to assist.

We do this because it is better to “anticipate life” than to just let it happen.