What should we organise for our end of life planning?

April 25, 2021
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Bernadette Fulton

Organise your personal affairs now to ensure they are in order

We all know how easy it is to keep putting off doing difficult tasks. Starting to organise our end of life arrangements is particularly easy to postpone. Even cleaning the oven, or washing the windows are more favourable options. We naturally prefer not to think too much about death or funerals. Or a world without us in it.

In our jobs and everyday routines we try to stay organised and on top of things. But finding time to organise our personal information? It often ends up in the ‘too hard’ basket. We tell ourselves that we will get around to it ‘one day’.

But we know there never seems to be a good time to get around to that ‘too hard basket’.

Making plans now will help your family later

But what if we don’t organise now and make preparations in advance? Well, we can leave loved ones with unnecessary problems. So put your personal affairs in order now. Record your end of life wishes. This will help your loved ones make necessary decisions and arrangements when required.

Have you thought about your funeral wishes and other related end of life events? A difficult subject but an important one. Making your wishes and preferences known ahead of time will give guidance and assistance to your loved ones. You may think that it doesn’t matter to you, since you won’t be around. But it will lessen the stress and distress and guilt associated with planning funerals for loved ones often felt by the ones left behind.

What other information do I need to organise?

Most of us have personal data and information stored in a variety of different locations.  Computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These often contain separate pieces of important information.

We have personal and business contacts lists. We may keep other files and records  somewhere at home or work.  Where do you keep original documents such as birth certificates, deeds of ownership, passports, insurances policies, your Will? Do you have a safety deposit box? Have you placed valuable documents with your solicitor or bank for safekeeping? Have you told any of your family, a close friend or even the Executor of your Will, where and how to locate your Will and other important documents and information?

These are some examples of the personal information we should organise and keep a record of. And make sure we keep up to date over time.

At Anticipate Life we recognise how important it is to organise our key legal and personal information as part of your end of life planning. And to store this data securely in one place for easy access when required. Our web-based digital locker allows you to safely and confidentially store this information and update it regularly over time, without the cost of another visit to the solicitor. Visit our website to learn more about how our easy to use and practical application can benefit and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

At Anticipate Life we recognise how important it is to organise our key legal and personal information. And to store this data securely in one place for  easy access when required. Our Anticipate Life Application also allows you to keep your information updated over time.

Anticipate Life helps you to organise your end of life planning. So don’t postpone getting started. As the ad says, just do it.