Why we started Anticipate Life

October 28, 2020
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Leanne Russell

We have all been to funerals that did not run as smoothly as they should. Early last year we attended one such funeral. The funeral service was short, with the minister giving a brief life history, followed by a few sentences from a couple of family members. At that point, the minister looked up and asked if anyone else wanted to say a few words. Everyone looked around awkwardly. He asked again. Ten minutes later, a lady who worked with the deceased stood up and said a few things off the cuff. But sitting and waiting in those ten minutes, seemed like an eternity.

There must be a better way

During the drive home, we talked about the various issues our own immediate families had experienced after a loved one had died. We came to the conclusion there must be a better way. If we treat everyone with dignity and respect while alive, the same should happen when we leave this life.

We started researching the topic and conducted a number of surveys. One of the greatest challenges was the reluctance to talk about our end of life event with our parents and loved ones. Ninety percent of survey respondents agreed it was really important but less than 40% had ever tried. We have tried to solve this at Anticipate Life by creating a solution that allows us to be the catalyst to start that conversation.

It has taken us over a year of research and development to get this far. During that time we have looked hard at how we can make leaving this world a little easier for those that are left behind. How we can anticipate life rather than just let it happen with courage and compassion.

Join us

It is our belief we can and we hope you will join us at Anticipate Life on this journey.

Follow our blog as we get ready to launch.