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August 5, 2021
Silver Magazine
Publishing date:
August 2021

Anticipate Life has now been featured in the August issue of the Silver Magazine. Read an excerpt of the article here or access it via the online issue of the magazine.

Anticipate Life = Helping Those We Leave Behind

There are a lot of things that can’t go in a Will. But if you are no longer around, how will people know about these things? Well, now there is a place online where you can leave all the details, so your family will know exactly what to do. A new start-up, called Anticipate Life, has created an amazing service that could save your family a lot of heartaches when a loved one passes.

A lot of us have been there – a relative dies and we do not know what their funeral wishes are. We do not know the contact details of their friends who might want to come to the funeral. We don’t know what to do with their beloved cat. But now, there is a new service that can remedy this.

Anticipate Life is an online record of what your family needs what you plan to leave behind when you pass away. These are things that fall outside of what you can put in a Will.

This truly thoughtful tech start-up was founded by Leanne Russell and Paul Kamarudin. Says Leanne, “After witnessing first-hand the confusion, family conflict and lengthy red tape that can occur when a loved one dies without leaving clear instructions and information, we decided there had to be a better way. We soon realised it wasn’t just our funerals that needed pre-planning, but all those aspects of our lives not listed in our Will; those everyday aspects that would take time and a certain amount of sleuthing on our family’s part to sort out after our death.”

Download the full article here or view it directly on the publisher's website.

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