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September 1, 2021
Our Local Newsletter
Publishing date:
September 2021

Anticipate Life has now been featured in the July and September issues of the Gold Coast Over 50s Newsletter. Read the article here or navigate to the online issue of the magazine.

Recording important life information and end of life wishes

Anticipate  Life  has  launched  a  new online product which safely stores your life information and end of life wishes  in  one  confidential location. This unique product is the result of two  years  of  development  by  four   Australian   partners,  Gold  Coast  residents  Bernadette  and Max Fulton and Perth  based Paul Kamarudin and Leanne Russell.Bernadette   explains: “We see this  product  as  a  terrific  adjunct to a Will.  We should  all  have a  Will, of course,  but there is a lot of important information that can’t go into a Will. If you don’t store this somewhere now, who will know what to do when you are no longer here?” The Anticipate Life service offers a simple, secure way of leaving  clear  instructions  and information by providing a place for you to record all the details your loved ones will need when you die. You can use your personal digital locker to record your funeral and other end of  life  wishes, saving your loved ones  the worry and uncertainty of not knowing what you wanted. You can record your accountant’s contact details, where your Will is stored, and details of your beloved pet, so that your executor has this information available when needed.

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