Begin the conversation
about their final wishes

We know it’s difficult - but discussing a funeral now ensures
that when the time comes you are able to respect your loved
one’s wishes. When the time comes it can give you the headspace
to celebrate their life.

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I don’t know what my parents' wishes are for their funerals, but I’d feel so much better if I knew.”

Ranging from practical points to personal preferences, having a plan
can make an already stressful day more manageable, more memorable.

A poignant poem, a significant song, a heartfelt message, Anticipate Life can ensure wishes are met by providing a facility where family or friends can keep their personal last wishes stored safely for when the time comes.

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Be prepared
and start the conversation.

Anticipate Life have the resources and tools to help initiate,
or if required, lead the difficult conversation about what your loved
ones or friends would like planned for their funeral. When the time
does come, you will have peace of mind knowing that the day will
be a testament to their personality, character and above all, love.

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“End of life decisions should not be made at the end of life.”

How we can help

As a way to help make the conversation process as seamless
and as comfortable as possible, Anticipate Life has created a series
of explainer videos, informative emails and important checklists
that we can send to both you and your loved ones as a way
of broaching the subject in a sensitive and caring way.

These unique Anticipate Life resources not only support and guide,
but we have found they help break down barriers to having other
difficult conversations about your loved ones' end of life plans.

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“Good fortune is what happens
when opportunity meets with planning.”

Thomas Edison
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