There really is no
time like the present

None of us can anticipate what the future may hold.
However, we can be prepared for what it might bring.

Having a conversation with our loved ones about their
end of life affairs is incredibly difficult. We put it off,
as we don’t like to think about it, don’t like to broach it.

how we can help

I’m afraid to talk to them about it but I know it’ll make things easier.”

Don’t leave that conversation until it’s too late.

Anticipate Life understands how difficult these conversations can be, but we also know that if plans are made now, the whole process
can be so much easier during an incredibly emotional time.

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Ladies talking

“We can lead the way so wishes can be kept.”

Anticipate Life will give you the confidence to have those end of life conversations with your loved ones about their plans, thoughts and wishes for when the time comes. We can initiate, or if required, lead the conversations to make sure you know what they want.

We can then securely store the information about their wishes so it's accessible for relatives or executors, when that information is required.

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“Hard tasks are easier when 
done together".

How we can help

To make the conversation process easier Anticipate Life has created a series of explainer videos, informative emails and important checklists that we can send to you or your loved ones as a way of broaching the subject in a sensitive and caring way.

These unique Anticipate Life resources not only support and guide, but we have found they help break down barriers to having other difficult conversations about your loved one's end of life plans.

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One of our Founders noted:

“From personal experience, there is nothing worse than leaving things unsaid. We hope that this will allow people to start off small and maybe end up at a much happier place”.

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