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Retirement… the world’s longest coffee break and the happiest time of your life. This is when Time no longer equals Money and we have the
freedom of time again - to travel, to spend with the grandchildren, to learn a new skill that you always wanted to learn. Maybe, to cross off a few things from the bucket list - like skydiving.

This is also the time when we can get ourselves and our lives organised. Getting our personal information organised is something that is often
postponed. This is usually because it is messy and requires multiple files and locations of documents and a lot of our time.

Let Anticipate Life help you get your time back. Get organised and enjoy your happyment.

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How Anticipate Life helps

Having an Anticipate Life account allows you to record and store all your key personal information and your end of life wishes in one secure, confidential, online location. Accessible any place, any time. You can read our article on the importance of doing this.

It provides a safe place to store important information such as the location of your Will and other legal documents, and your Executor details. A summary of your assets and finances, your wishes for your pets, what you would like done with any precious or sentimental items, and much more.

You can amend and update this information at any time. It can only be accessed after your death by those you authorise. This will make it easier for your legal representatives and your loved ones to arrange your post-life affairs quickly and smoothly.

They will appreciate being able to follow your wishes without unnecessary stress. And the outcome is peace of mind for everyone without family discord.

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Forward planning

Other parts of our lives also require some forward planning. By addressing them now you gain peace of mind and avoid leaving your loved ones with uncertainty and confusion.

Make sure you have a valid up to date Will. There can be other difficult life decisions. Such as what medical treatment or aged care we want in the event that we no longer have capacity. These subjects are hard to even think about. But if you have not recorded your wishes, the decisions may be taken out of your hands.

The last thing any family wants is to have disputes or arguments around the care of a loved one. The best way to avoid this is for you to plan ahead. Provide your family with clarity and guidance as to your wishes, to avoid them having to make sensitive life and financial decisions they may not feel ready or willing to make. Or may not be able to agree on.

Record where these important documents are stored when you upload a copy of your Living Will or Advance Care Directive to your Anticipate Life account. Link to your Financial Planner so that they have limited access to support your forward planning.

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