Organise now to retain control later

Getting our personal affairs in order is a task we tend to postpone.

This can be especially true when it comes to organising our end of life planning. You may like to read our article which suggests things you can start thinking about as part of your planning.

Our end of life is not a subject we like to think much about. But it is an important one. None of us can predict the future. So it makes good sense to plan and act now.

Have you thought about what kind of funeral you would like to have? How you would like your life to be celebrated? Are your loved ones aware of what you would like to happen to your beloved pets or precious possessions?

You may say that it doesn't matter to you but it matters greatly to your loved ones left behind. If we don’t record our decisions and wishes in
advance, matters may move beyond our control. Or even beyond the control of the loved ones we leave behind, creating more distress and
anxiety. And this is something I do not want to leave as my legacy.

Anticipate Life provides a simple way for you to organise and securely record your life information and end of life wishes.

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Great start but it doesn’t cover everything

If you already have a Will that sets out your wishes for valuable assets and possession, and perhaps cash or other income sources, fantastic.

But Wills don’t cover many important matters which have to be dealt with, when we are no longer here.

If you have already thought about your funeral wishes, your Will is not the best place to record them. Funeral arrangements need to be made
without delay and it usually takes time to locate and formally validate a Will.

By using your Anticipate Life account to record your funeral wishes you provide your loved ones with certainty and clarity, rather than leaving
them to wonder what you would have wanted or feeling guilty about the choices they made.

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Information for safe keeping

We suggest you read our post on the importance of storing our life information safely. In your Anticipate Life account you can nominate a person or persons, including the Executor under your Will, to have access to the information in your account after your passing.

You can record in advance, information such as the location of your Will, and where you keep other important documents. This will help with the administration of your estate.

Those we leave behind will want to honour our wishes. But they can only do that if they know what we wanted. If you don’t clearly specify your wishes on a range of matters, there is a good chance that family members may not agree on the way forward creating family disagreements and discord.

Storing your wishes in Anticipate Life helps reduce stress and keep the peace. Now, that's a legacy worth leaving.

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