Byfields Wealth Management

and Anticipate Life

We know how much we value our financial planner. They are always there to help us - with making good financial choices, with our hopes and plans for our future retirement, to ensure that our lifestyle is how we want it to be. We trust them with some of our most confidential information.

And we know they will be there to help our families when tough decisions have to be made - like aged care, or end of life plans.

Anticipate Life has partnered with Byfields Wealth Management to help you, help them.

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Helping your financial planner,
help you

We all have important documents that our financial planners need, to be able to help us in the most efficient and effective way possible. A list of our assets, our accounts, insurances, legal documents like Trust deeds, Power of Attorney, Wills. Where is all this information? Where are copies of the documents stored? Are they all stored in one secure location? Is it accessible to your most trusted advisor?

Anticipate Life is the place where all this information and more can be stored. Keeping all your information and wishes in one location ensures that neither you nor your loved ones will have to worry in the future about looking for or losing essential documents or details.

Anticipate Life makes it easy to find this information quickly, when needed, by using our digital information locker.

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Your information, first and foremost

You remain in control at all times. Your information and wishes are completely confidential and can only be accessed by those you nominate. Byfields Wealth Management can be provided with read only access to a limited number of sections that will help them better service your needs.

And if your thoughts or circumstances change, you move location, or choose the nomad retirement lifestyle, you can still access, amend and update your information and wishes at any time and that information will flow onto your planner, so there is no need to for additional visits to update information throughout the year.

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How Anticipate Life helps you

  • Peace of mind from being organised and prepared
  • Easier compliance for your financial planner
  • Aids you and your family
  • All your important information in one place
  • Changes and updates are free and can be made at any time

In partnership with Byfields Wealth Management we have provided you with a special code for 20% off all subscriptions, forever. Use the following code once you have started your free trial or click the free trial button below.

Use this code if you have already signed up to Anticipate Life:


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